Organizational Direction

Teatro Pubblico Campano

Teatro Pubblico Campano is a Regional Theatre Circuit, composed of the Region, Towns and Associations that in the context of the Campania Region promote and develop art and culture in all their forms, by jointly working with who considers theatre as a cultural and social interest.

During all these years this Association has pursued the following goals:

  • Facilitate and support high-quality productions of Campania and ensure their distribution;
  • Promote the formation of a new audience;
  • Encourage and support new teaching methods in the schools of every degree with particular regard to new mediums of theatrical expression.
  • Promote theatre schools, workshops, projects, studies, publications, meetings, festivals, seminars and other activities which contribute to a greater knowledge about theatre.
  • Plan and encourage vocational training of theatre workers with particular reference to young people.

Teatro Pubblico Campano has resolutely pursued the aim of promoting the construction of new public theatres and the redevelopment and restoration of the existing ones. This Association has contributed to reopen the Teatro ‘Mercadante’ in Naples, of which it has had the administrative and artistic direction since 1995 in cooperation with the City of Naples, initiating the first theatre seasons of the Mercadante, later become Stabile Nazionale.

Teatro Pubblico Campano has also contributed to reopen the following Municipal Theatres: Teatro “Carlo Gesualdo” in Avellino and Teatro “Giuseppe Verdi” in Salerno, Teatro “Costantino Parravano” in Caserta and “Giuseppe Garibaldi” in Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Ce), and, last but not least, Nuovo Teatro Pasolini in Salerno, today called Sala Pasolini.