NID New Italian Dance Platform
Reggio Emilia 10-13 October 2019

NID Platform

KOKORO | Site specific version

Palazzo Mosto - Via G. Battista Mari 7, Reggio Emilia - Thursday 10 October, 8.00 pm and Friday 11 October, 12.00 am

Duration: 20 minuti

Choreography by: Luna Cenere


Luna Cenere

Other credits:

Music: Gerard Valverde, Lighting designer: Nicola Mancini, Production: Compagnia Körper, in collaboration with: Virgilio Sieni / Centro Nazionale di Produzione.


‘Kokoro’ is a  Japanese word we can translate as ‘inner being’ but which literally embraces two words/concepts: ‘mind’ and ‘heart’ .This solo by Luna Cenere is the personal research for a uniqueness of being, an inner journey that has become a physical path through space, during which the naked body, through its exposure and specific architecture, is transfigured and becomes a poetic vehicle bringing out images that seem to be part of an ‘unreal world’ Deeply rooted in a collective consciousness these images are sublimated in the story of a personal experience and then transmuted through the performance into a collective experience. This brief version highlights the installation nature of the work in which Luna Cenere dialogues with historical places such as Reggio Emilia’s Palazzo da Mosto and non-conventional spaces in which dreamy images and spatial architecture blend onto a single vision.


Luna Cenere is a young dancer and author from Naples. At the end of her studies at SEAD (Austria), Luna took part in the creations of Anton Lacky, Josef Frucek and international festivals such as the Deltebre Danza, Impulstanz and the Venice Biennial. In 2014, she worked with Simone Forti, and in 2016, she became a member of the Virgilio Sieni Company in projects such as "La Mer" and "Il Cantico dei Cantici". She is the author of 'Kokoro' produced by the Korper Company with support from Virgilio Sieni and the Centro Nazionale di Produzione, and was selected by the network ANTICORPI XL and the Spring Forward Festival Spring Forward. This was followed by "Twin" (which premiered at the FOG/Triennale Festival in Milan, "Natural Gravitation" (Ravello Festival/Korper Company), and "Pneumatika" (work in progress) produced by Interno 5/Ariella Vidach. Luna Cenere is one of "Aerowaves Artist Twenty18", Associated Artist of the Festival Oriente Occidente for 2019/2020 and supported by the Residence XL action for the year 2019.


Körper Company was founded in 2003 and it has turned its attention to supporting young choreographers based in the Campania region, but at the same time inviting artists living abroad. The Company works with the most important institutions in the territory: Napoli Teatro Festival, Teatro San Carlo, Ravello Festival, Teatro Mercadante, Circuito Campano della Danza and the MADRE Museum. In its early years, it has produced choreographers such as: G.Parente, G.Beddoes, F.Nappa and F.Colaleo.
Since 2014, the Company is supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture. "Aesthetica-exercise n°1" by G.Cimmino (Teatro Piccolo Bellini, 2015) has been selected at the 2016 Kilowatt Festival, where it has been awarded with the first prize for best dance show, and at the Fresh Fruits Festival in New York. Körper Company has been collaborating with "La Fura del Baus" for the production "Afrodita y el juicio de Paris", with Teatro Mercadante/National Theatre for the production of "Orestea", choreographed by Noa Wertheim, with Teatro San Carlo for "Change", choreographed by Gennaro Cimmino. The project “Abballamm’!” has been presented at 2016 Ravello Festival as an excerpt from "Nowhere" by Dimitris Papaioannou. "Tammurriata" by G.Cimmino has been hosted at Napoli Teatro Festival 2017. Further productions and collaborations include: "Les 24 preludes de Chopin" by M.Chouinard (Ravello Festival 2017)," Time: Study" by Bill T Jones (Ravello Festival 2018). The collaboration with Luna Cenere has started with the production of "Kokoro", selected for "Vetrina Anticorpi XL" in 2017, whereas "The Glitch Project" by F.Capuano and N.Picardi was selected by Anticorpi XL Danza Urbana. "Vivianesque", direction-choreography of G.Cimmino, a “fresco” portrait of contemporary Naples from the works of Raffaele Viviani, has made its debut at Teatro Bellini of Naples in November 2018. Upcoming productions 2019/20: "Genealogia" by Luna Cenere and "Corcovado" by Michele Di Stefano and Luigi De Angelis.