NID New Italian Dance Platform
Reggio Emilia 10-13 October 2019

NID Platform

Opacity#5 – Open Studios

Fonderia - Via della Costituzione 39, Reggio Emilia - Friday 11 October and Saturday 12 October, from 9.45 am

Duration: 20 minutes

Choreography by: Salvo Lombardo

Other credits:

(Cast e preliminary credits)

Conception, Choreography and Direction: Salvo Lombardo, Performance: Jaskaran Anand, Daria Greco, Salvo Lombardo, Music: Fabrizio Alviti, Giuseppe Verdi, Video: Maria Elena Fusacchia, Cultural advisor: Viviana Gravano, Partner/Co-productors/Residences: Production: Chiasma, with the support of: MiBAC – Ministero Beni e Attività Culturali, Co-production: Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Scenario Pubblico, Triennale Milano Performing Arts\ FOG, Ariella Vidach\AiEP, Triangolo Scaleno Teatro, Festival Teatri di Vetro, In collaboration with: Versiliadanza, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, ACS Abruzzo, Realised in relation with Chiasma project “L’esemplare capovolto”.


The Gran Ballo Excelsior was created in 1881 in celebration of the triumph of Civilization over Obscurantism that keeps people «in the shadows of servitude and ignominy» positioning itself in a precise cultural scheme of affirming the concept of national identity and respective collective unconscious. The question behind the entire work process is what survives today after over a century and a half in contemporary culture: is it modernity’s idea to domesticate anything that is other than itself? Opacity#5 places principles of classification into discussion interrogating concepts like the flag, tradition, modernity, canon, stereotype, nation, progress, civilization, light, and darkness. Opacity#5 deconstructs the collective unconscious to query various iconographies of the body that now tend to a bland levelling of the culture of difference and determine a fixed and universalistic character of identity. Opacity#5 is a critique of the emanation of dominant and ethnocentric knowledge that posits the West as the sole source of narration and point of origin in the production of significance. The Opacity Project by Salvo Lombardo and Chiasma is structured in a cycle of progressively numbered performances. The study proposed is part of a process began in 2018 that has to be completed in 2020. Performances staged so far move between choreographic score, installation, and video art, and conceived as autonomous chapters. Part of this chapter will flow into a scenic work of wider, more articulated dimension.

Opacity#5 project will entirely interest the two-year period 2018-2020. Opacity#5 will be realized in 2019. The residences make happened in order to create the first four chapters had taken place in collaboration with Triennale Milano Performing Arts, Ariella Vidach \ AiEP, ACS Abruzzo, Compagnia Versiliadanza, Compagnia Danzestemporada, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, Festival Teatri di Vetro, Festival Corpi in Movimento. Residences already defined for Opacity#5 creation will take place between June and September 2019 at: Centro di Produzione Nazionale della Danza Scenario Pubblico \ Compagnia Zappalà Danza, Catania, Cross Residence, Verbania. Residences and debut of the whole project have to be defined for the year 2020, yet.


Salvo Lombardo is an italian perfomer, coreographer and director who bases his work on a constant research of a relation between theatre, dance and visual art. He lives and works in Rome. He is the artistic director of the Chiasma Company. In 2015-2016, he was resident choreographer at Anghiari Dance Hub. From 2016 until today, Salvo Lombardo is supported by the Festival Fabbrica Europa that produces many of his dance pieces. From 2017, he is one of the associated artists of the Festival Oriente Occidente. In Rovereto he created the interactive installation in augmented reality titled “Reappearances” conceived for the MART Museum of Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto with the participation of the local community. In 2017, he was guest choreographer at Aura Dance Theatre of Kaunas (LIT). In 2018, he worked on the project “Excelsior”, co-produced by the Théâtre National de Chaillot, Oriente Occidente, Fabbrica Europa, Romaeuropa Festival, Versiliadanza.


Chiasma is a dance company founded and directed by Salvo Lombardo and supported by the Ministry of Culture. Chiasma’s works intertwine dance, theater and visual arts while focusing on video art languages in the visual arts field. The company’s productions have been staged in many theaters and festivals around Italy and abroad.
Chiasma works with and is supported by Festival Oriente Occidente, Theatre National de Chaillot, Fabbrica Europa, Romaeuropa Festival, Aura International Dance Festival, Attakkalari Dance Festival, Short Theater, Teatro di Roma, Teatri di Vetro, Attraversamenti Multipli, and Festival Corpi in Movimento, Versiliadanza, and Lavanderia a Vapore. Chiasma also collaborates with numerous external dancers, video artists and sound designers with the objective of creating crossbreeds of different languages and interdisciplinary artistic research.