NID New Italian Dance Platform
Reggio Emilia 10-13 October 2019

NID Platform


Teatro Cavallerizza - Viale Antonio Allegri 8/a, Reggio Emilia - Saturday 12 October, 4.30 pm

Duration: 55 minutes

Choreography by: Pietro Marullo


Helena Araujo, Adrien Desbon, Noemi Knecht, Paola Madrid, Marianna Cifarelli, Francois Delcambre

Other credits:

Assistant: Noemi Knecht, Sound Designer: Jean – Noel Boisse, Light Designer: Julie Petite Etienne, Soft Sculpture and Costumes: Pietro Marullo & Bertrand Nodet ,Production: INSIEMI IRREALI Asbl, Coproduction: Festival Oriente Occidente, Museo MART di Rovereto e Trento, Théâtre Varia de Bruxelles, La Coop asbl, Tax Shelter, Féderation Wallonie-Bruxelles, Supported by: Wallonie-Bruxelles Internationale, CDCN La Briqueterie de Val-de-Marne, RAMDAM un centre d’art, TanzHaus de Zurich, IF Barcelona Festival, Sala Hiroshima, Théâtre Marni de Bruxelles, CO.CO.F.




WRECK – List of extinct species is an interdisciplinary performance mixing movement, sound and visual art. A huge black plastic soft sculpture inflated with air moves through the space like a hunter. This abstract object has a very evocative power. Swallowing and spitting human beings. It could be an allegory of Leviathans or legendary undersea monsters, a metaphor of Capitalism or the human condition. It has the power to amplify the viewer’s imagination, multiplying associations and conceptual layers. Our aim is to approach choreographic questions through a different field of art and produce a new and original language: how to create movement with unanimated matter and how to petrify animated bodies. By inverting the relationship between a choir and its landscape, it is possible to write a score for a soft sculpture and, through its manipulation, allow geometric forms to appear, conducting a completely new investigation of the presence of performers on stage. Because it is an “elastic performance”, it can be shown in different versions: outdoors or indoors, on big, small, or standard stages, in museums, markets, stations, forests, schools. In a long or short versions, and with or without local persons (dancers, beginners, children, local communities, etc.) after a short workshop. The standard formula team is with six dancers from the company.


Pietro Marullo (Napoli, 1985). His interdisciplinary approach lies at the intersection of visual and performing art, installation and new technologies, and is deeply focused on social, historical and anthropological topics. His works have been staged on four continents, at important dance festivals, performing arts festivals, theaters, music networks, puppet-object festivals, and contemporary art platforms, such as the OrienteOccidente Festival, the Seoul International Dance Festival, and the José Limon Dance Festival. He is also part of the AEROWAVES 2018 Artists selection. Since 2015, Pietro has been developing the aesthetics of the links between reality and symbolic languages. This approach involves him in creating an « imaginary world of the species», a philosophical reflection with which to face the histories of societies and their common global issues from the larger point of view of the species.


Chiasma is a dance company founded and directed by Salvo Lombardo and supported by the Ministry of Culture. Chiasma’s works intertwine dance, theater and visual arts while focusing on video art languages in the visual arts field. The company’s productions have been staged in many theaters and festivals around Italy and abroad.
Chiasma works with and is supported by Festival Oriente Occidente, Theatre National de Chaillot, Fabbrica Europa, Romaeuropa Festival, Aura International Dance Festival, Attakkalari Dance Festival, Short Theater, Teatro di Roma, Teatri di Vetro, Attraversamenti Multipli, and Festival Corpi in Movimento, Versiliadanza, and Lavanderia a Vapore. Chiasma also collaborates with numerous external dancers, video artists and sound designers with the objective of creating crossbreeds of different languages and interdisciplinary artistic research.