Alcune coreografie

The choreography is built through the mimesis of a large amount of video fragments tightly edited, digging across dance and performance history, passing through cinema and the internet, looking for a sensible kinetic matter.
The dancer embodies, transforms, connects and actualizes the body of the image, explores its dynamic, its freedom and linguistic immediacy without a privileged point of view, she eradicates it from the imaginary executing an exact and precise choreography. During the second part, an original video by artist Roberto Fassone offers a sequence of visual choreographies, a symbolic landscape where the human figure is absent but still looks for a relationship with the body on stage and ponders on that intangible matter which dance itself is made of.

Creator, director and videochoreographer Jacopo Jenna

Cooperation and dance Ramona Caia

Cooperation and video Roberto Fassone

Original music Francesco Casciaro

Lights design Mattia Bagnoli

Costumes Eva di Franco

Organization Luisa Zuffo

Production KLm – Kinkaleri

Coproduction Centrale Fies

with the support of  Azienda Speciale Palaexpo – Mattatoio Progetto PrendersiCura