Nexus Factory/Compagnia Simona Bertozzi - 30 August 6:45 PM - Exma - Via S. Lucifero, 71

by and with Sara Sguotti and Arianna Ulian

texts Arianna Ulian
sound environment Spartaco Cortesi
dramatic accompaniment Giovanni Sabelli Fioretti
PR and media relations Giuseppe Esposito
co-production Perypezye Urbane and Nexus
in collaboration with OperaEstateFestival \ CSC centro per la scena contemporanea di Bassano del Grappa
with the support of IIC (Italian Institute of Culture) of Zurich, Tanzhaus Zurich, Passages Transfestival, IIC of Strasbourg, Santarcangelo Festival

A montage of words, sounds and gestures around the image of a fissure: a landslide but also an opening, a wound and yet an opening for bodies to come together, different but belonging to the same flap: they glide, skate, traverse a time of preservation between what is defined as alive and what is defined as dead: they mutate it, reverse it. The fissure opens with a sound: a pop, gurgle or crash. The fissure opens up the possibility of light filtering through, water flowing in, the flaps settling into a new configuration. Sara Sguotti and Arianna Ulian’s work celebrates and at the same time curses the changing nature of bodies, marked by fissures inside and out, disassembled, subject to degeneration, destined to crack; but in this celebration/curse a pulsing, tenacious and conscious rhythm is isolated, testifying to the irreducible wonder of bodies and beings. Designed in constant relationship with its host spaces, CrePa alludes to the ephemeral condition of every living thing. The work originated from a commission by the Festival Opera Estate on the occasion of UniPd’s 800th anniversary, investigating in that particular circumstance the role and responsibility of man in the design of gardens and botanical gardens. It also takes the form of an installation in the spaces of PIA-Palazzina Arte Indiano as a durational performance accompanied by a video work.

SARA SGUOTTI Interested in the single, plural and collective body, Sara Sguotti is attracted to all forms of micro collectivity and is a lover of webs of thoughts. Her choreographic practice ranges from research in solitary, intimate spaces to the imaginative beyond. She has collaborated with the Virgilio Sieni Company, the Anton Lachky Company, Damien Jalet, Atelier delle Arti, Simona Bertozzi, Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Nicola Cisternino and Perypezye Urbane, among others. Her personal research began with S.solo (winner of DNA appunti coreografici and the Vetrina Anticorpi 2017). Her other works are S.rituale, Dedica Lontana, S.O.P., IHTBH, CrePa. ARIANNA ULIAN A writer, teacher and sound designer, she trained in Italy (bachelor’s degree in philosophy of science, masterclasses in semiotics and communication, music conservatory in trumpet and contemporary music) and France (music conservatory in composition and electroacoustics, master’s degree at the Sorbonne in contemporary languages, internship at Radio France). Since 2015, she has devoted herself to writing novels and short stories with imagery supported by the sound of words and the acoustics of places. She is currently a performer and author of the CrePa project with dancer Sara Sguotti. She is working on a new text, Composizione, based on this encounter and the power of dance.