Tir Danza - 30 August ore 2:30 PM - Teatro Massimo via E. De Magistris, 12

choreography, lights, costumes, scenery, direction by Nicola Galli

dance and action Margherita Dotta, Massimo Monticelli, Nicola Galli
performers Margherita Dotta, Massimo Monticelli, Nicola Galli
stage actions and movements Massimo Monticelli, Margherita Dotta
production TIR Danza, Nebula
co-production Oriente Occidente
artistic residencies TROIS C-L, Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin, Oriente Occidente
with the support of Network Grand Luxe
duration: 15 minutes

This is the second episode of Nicola Galli’s choreographic research dedicated to the desert and the broader notion of landscape. Starting from the research path that led to the first episode entitled “Deserto digitale” in 2018, the imaginative vision of the desert is reproposed in the renewed desire to investigate the features of contemporary society and the impacts of human activity on the world: increasing social isolation, human-generated speed and the dissolution of the concepts of distance and limit. The choreographer’s poetic style – which tends to erase hierarchies among the languages and elements that make up the scene – unites and condenses gesture, light and sound in an organic and interdependent relationship, generating a figurative archive that narrates the desert understood as an uninhabited physical space, a landscape of the body and an inner existential condition. On the stage, an abyss of places in the world and the human soul takes shape, criss-crossed by opaque and mute travelling figures that invite us to contemplate tactile and muscular images, to touch their blurred edges and to get lost in multiple perspectives that surface and dissolve in a sound magma capable of suspending the cadence of the everyday until it frays the perception of space – time.

choreography, lights, costumes, scenery, direction
Nicola Galli works in body research and is a choreographer, dancer and light and costume designer. His research takes the form of actions and devices ranging from choreography to performance, from installation to graphic-visual conception. His work embraces a transversal scenic horizon, in which the body becomes the radiating centre of an artistic discourse that is substantiated by a scenic sensitivity devoted to the exploration of movement as a hybrid panorama of knowledge. Since 2010 he has been developing a choreographic investigation focused on the profound relationship between human beings and nature and the analysis of the notions of “stratification” and “landscape”. Since 2014, he has been supported by the production company TIR Danza. In 2018 he won the “Danza & Danza” award for best emerging choreographer, in 2019 the national “Sfera d’Oro per la danza” award, and in 2021 the “Radicondoli per il teatro” award for innovation and use of new technologies in theatre.