Parini Secondo - 30 August 6:15 PM - Teatro Doglio via Logudoro, 32

author, choreography, direction Parini Secondo

music (titles and authors) Alberto Ricca/Bienoise
performers Sissj Bassani, Martina Piazzi
lights Bianca Peruzzi
costumes and weaving Giulia Pastorelli
ropes MarcRope Milano
video and images Pier Paolo Zimmermann
field recordings Glauco Salvo
organisation Margherita Alpini
production Nexus Factory, AMAT, SupportER
support of Network Anticorpi XL
other supports Parsec Bologna, ORA (Sondrio, IT), Magdalena Oettl, MarcRope (Milan, IT), KOMMA Production (Copenhagen, DK), ERASMUS+ programme
duration: 20 minutes

Pursuing online research that finds its own physical translation, Parini Secondo re-engages with the world of play, fascinated by the skipping rope both as athletic practice and as a rhythmic element: in skipping, music and athleticism go hand in hand (K.Gaunt). Starting from the typical rhythms of their childhood, a choreographic score for two female jumpers takes shape in which body and rope form a single sound technology. Athletic activity becomes a meditative, acoustic and visual pretext.

Author, choreography, direction
Parini Secondo was established in 2017 from an idea by Sissj Bassani and Martina Piazzi, involving Camilla Neri and Francesca Pizzagalli. The collective works on movement in a shape-shifting way, questioning the limits of authorship and up-to-dateism. Taking an ecological and ready-made stance, the group remixes others’ ideas found online, assembling choreography through sampling. Parini exploits and supports the potential of open source and DIY [do-it-yourself]. Since 2019 the collective has been collaborating with Alberto Ricca, a teacher and electronic composer under the name Bienoise, featured in the projects “i” (2019), “ROCCO” (2019), “SPEEED” (2020) and “be me” (2021).