ALDES - 2 September 3:00 PM - Teatro Massimo via E. De Magistris 12

choreography, direction, video design Roberto Castello

in collaboration with Alessandra Moretti
dance Martina Auddino, Erica Bravini, Riccardo De Simone, Susannah Iheme, Michael Incarbone, Alessandra Moretti, Giselda Ranieri
music Marco Zanotti in collaboration with Andrea Taravelli
fender rhodes Paolo Pee Wee Durante
lights Leonardo Badalassi
costumes Desirée Costanzo
3D video project Roberto Castello, advised by Enrico Nencini
audio mixing Stefano Giannotti
audio mastering Jambona Lab
thanks to Mohammad Botto and Genito Molava
production ALDES in partnership with CCN de Nantes, Romaeuropa Festival, Théâtre des 13 vents CDN, Centre Dramatique National Montpellier, Palcoscenico Danza – Fondazione TPE
with the support of RESISTERE E CREARE by Fondazione Luzzati Teatro della Tosse, ARTEFICI.ResidenzeCreativeFvg / ArtistiAssociati
with the support of MIC / Direzione Generale Spettacolo, REGIONE TOSCANA / Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo
UBU Award 2022 – best dance show
duration: 65 minutes

Hell in Western culture is the place which more than others has inspired preachers,  illustrators, painters, sculptors, storytellers, directors, musicians.

It is the place of atonement for moral and material faults where the wicked are punished and good triumphs over evil. It is the place of subversion and chaos in the representation of which everything can coexist. However, a depiction of evil as the undisputed kingdom of a sulphurous devil with a tail, horns and pitchfork would be hardly credible today. Hell is here, and it may look a lot like Heaven. It is what pushes us to make every effort to be more attractive, more intelligent, more powerful, more just, stronger, smarter, more responsible, more humble, which pushes us to compete for moral, social, economic and emotional gratifications. Hell is the inevitability of desire, the condemnation of perpetual competition in search of pleasure.

Hence the idea of a tragedy in the form of comedy – seductive, pleasant, engaging, bright and fun – on the intrusiveness of the ego; both one’s own and others’.

Choreography, direction, video design
Roberto Castello is one of the pioneers of contemporary dance in Italy. With ALDES, the association that he directs, he produces performances and curates the project SPAM! - rete per le arti contemporanee, which hosts artistic residencies and multidisciplinary dance, music and theatre programmes in the province of Lucca. He taught digital choreography for 10 years at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and is the creator of “93% - materials for a nonverbal politics”, a platform for reflection, discussion and exchange on nonverbal language. In 2021, Altreconomia published his “Trattato di economia – Riflessioni semiserie sulla dimensione economica dell’esistenza”, written with Andrea Cosentino. He also participated in the publication of the volume “Nel Migliore dei mondi possibili. Intorno all’opera di Roberto Castello” by V. Valentini, C. Pirri and V. Vannucci, ed. Ephemeria.  He has always fought for a fair, efficient and sustainable performing arts system.  UBU Award in 1985, 2003, 2018, 2022. ALDES is an association of artists and cultural workers that since 1993, under the direction of Roberto Castello, has been producing and promoting experimental choreographic works with a focus on forms combining dance and visual arts, dance and new technologies, dance and theatre, creating shows, videos, installations, performances and events focused on the body, movement and their representation. Starting in 2008 in the province of Lucca, ALDES established “SPAM! rete per le arti contemporanee” (network for contemporary arts), hosting residencies and multidisciplinary programmes of performances, workshops, educational activities and meetings. In 2017 it created and curated the blog “93% - materials for a nonverbal politics”, a platform for reflection, discussion and exchange of materials on nonverbal language. In 2018 it received the Special Ubu Award.