MO-WAN TEATRO - 17 September 4:00 PM

“Piano solo corpo solo” is a performance/gig about caress and the tactile ‘game with something that turns away’. There is nostalgia for each other. An attempt at rebuilding absence. The memory of the experience builds markings of a ritual, a ceremony in which their own movement originates from disappearance of the self in the other. Therefore, in the immediacy of the relation, the intimate search for two solitudes meets and collides in short forms of rebellion: ‘Piano Solo’ – songs composed and played live by S.Graziano for grand piano, and ‘Corpo Solo’ – choreographic composition by C.Caldarano. It rebuilds their own presences over the black and white piano keys. That completely black piece of furniture turns into an anatomical table, a means of action and dissection of pure and intimate vital movement.

Disco Embracing The Future di Simone Graziano edited by Auand Records and produced by Marco Valente, released on 25 June
sources: Byung-Chul Han

• Credits

choregraphy and dance
Claudia Caldarano

composition and musical performance
Simone Graziano

dramaturgical advice
Alessandro Brucioni

sound and lighting technician
Aldo Desanctis

company mo-wan teatro

with the support of
Associazione Culturale 4’33” di Mantova,
Novara Jazz Festival

with the collaboration of
MAD Murate Art District di Firenze, Atelier delle Arti e Fondazione Teatro Goldoni di Livorno

'mo-wan teatro' is a collective of artists formed in 2015 taking care of production and training of storytelling, choreography, theatre, performing arts, drama. It won the tender 'Supporting artistic production activities 2020' of the Tuscany Region and it received several awards, reviews and publications. Since 2018 it has been holding 'Deep Festival' which hosts performances of contemporary theatre, dance, cinema and literary meetings.