Ass. Cult. CodedUomo - 30 August 3:00 PM - Teatro Massimo - via E. De Magistris, 12

choreographic project by Marina Donatone

performers Ilaria Quaglia, Teresa Noronha Feio, Gianmaria Borzillo (alternating)
production Ass. Cult. CodedUomo
support Live Arts Cultures
management and promotion Edoardo Lazzari
administration Anna Damiani
organisation Monica Maffei
photography Stefano Mattea
duration: 45 minutes

Plein air is an investigation of touch and what it leaves behind. It is a quest that moves between the immediacy of real tactile experience and the persistence of the memory of the sensation, between the exactness of receiving and the pleasure of articulating. Plein air is like a ball game without the ball, like a couples’ dance without a partner, like an imprint on a still-warm pillow. Plein air returns to places and situations that have already been inhabited, where imagination can open gaps of reality and expand perception in the service of further imagination. Plein air is an invitation to see oneself with one’s hands, to open a seemingly empty space, to expand it, filling the air, with an act of implication without waste. Plein air is a journey between adherence and disconnection, remembrance and discovery, in search of an implied contact that transcends the spacing between vision and touch.

Marina Donatone, dancer, choreographer and educator, was born in Rome in 1993 and trained at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy and La Sapienza University of Rome. As a dancer she has worked in Italy and abroad with various artists including Virgilio Sieni, Jacopo Miliani and Csaba Molnár. In her works, she seeks a body in the making that gives itself to the choreographic system as active matter, working and being worked from the relationships in which it fits, carrying with it its own irreducible composition. As an author she has been supported by organisations including Mattatoio di Roma, Lavanderia a Vapore, Santarcangelo Festival, Teatro India - Teatro di Roma, Sín Arts Culture Centre Budapest, C.U.R.A. Umbria and Short Theatre. In 2020 and 2021, in collaboration with Short Theatre, she was part of the internationalisation project for curator artists Boarding Pass Plus Dance. She also works in the teaching of movement for children and cultural mediation. From 2020 to 2022, she curated and led education projects for adults and children at the Mattatoio di Roma and currently collaborates with the educational departments of Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana and Musei Civici di Venezia.