Balletto di Roma - 31 August 9:00 PM - Teatro Massimo - via E. De Magistris, 12

choreography by Andrea Costanzo Martini

lighting design Fabiana Piccioli
costume design Shira Wise
production Balletto Di Roma
performer Barbonaglia Paolo, De Simone Roberta, Di Traglia Alessio, Fenu Alice, Moro Francesco, Petri Lorenzo, Puddu Carola, Strambini Giulia
in collaboration with Civitanova Danza Festival and ArtistiAssociati – Visavì Gorizia Dance Festival Italian Cultural Institute of Zagreb and Split National Theater for the Summer Split Festival
duration: 60 minutes

Première is a Balletto di Roma production made entirely online with support from the Lazio Region, MIC and SIAE as part of the Per Chi Crea programme. It stems from Andrea Costanzo Martini’s meeting with the dancers of the Balletto di Roma and his fascination with these young artists pursuing their desire for movement, both as a personal feeling and as a common need. The show celebrates humanity, investigates the biographies, the unique and inimitable stories of each person, from the most delicate to the wildest and fiercest. How did the stars and planets align to allow them to be here on this stage, ready and willing to sacrifice something for us spectators? Première reveals to us that a dance company at its heart is a village, a tribe, with its basic needs trying to be met by the organisation through codes and rules. Especially in light of the events related to the pandemic, after a long forced hiatus away from theatres, some questions have arisen about returning to the stage and performing to the public. Première therefore becomes a ritual made up of emotional and intense applause, the only point of contact of the artists with their long-missed audience.

Balletto di Roma has for several decades promoted the production and dissemination of Italian dance in Europe and around the world, with a repertoire that is today attentive to innovation and research, grounded in the history and tradition that have made it famous. It was established in 1960 from the artistic partnership between two Italian dance icons: Franca Bartolomei and Walter Zappolini. Over the course of its 62 years of existence, it has seen a succession of prestigious collaborations and multiple creative souls, which have contributed to the growth of production activity both in terms of quantity and quality of the works staged, with growing public success. Over time, the Rome-based Company has built a production model that is unique in Italy, aimed at preserving the repertoire and renewing it by supporting choreographic creativity and maintaining the high technical and interpretive level of the dancers.   Andrea Costanzo Martini was born in Cuneo where he began his studies in contemporary dance and at Danzicherie and then at the Teatro Nuovo in Turin with Daniela Chianini. At the age of 19 he moved to Munich, Germany, to the Heinz-Bosl Stiftung Ballet Academy and in 2004 received his first commission with the Aalto Staat Theatre company in Essen. In 2006, he joined the Batsheva ensemble and two years later the Batsheva Dance Company where, in addition to dancing in the works of Ohad Naharin and Sharon Eyal, he began to take his first steps as both a Gaga Teacher and a Choreographer with the Company’s “dancer create” programme. In 2010 he joined Cullberg in Stockholm and created a six-man piece “For men only”. In 2012 he returned to Israel where he began working with INBAL PINTO & AVSHALOM POLLACK DANCE COMPANY and where he created the solo “What Happened in Torino”. Among the awards he has received were, in 2013, the first prize for Performance and Choreography at the “International Tanz Solo Competition Stuttgart”, and in 2015 the audience prize with the solo “What Happened in Torino” at the Mas Danza Competition, Gran Canaria.  With the solo “Occhio di Bue” he won the second prize of the jury at the “International Jerusalem dance competition 2016”. In addition to his work as a choreographer and performer, Andrea is a Gaga instructor and regularly gives workshops in Israel and Europe (Sweden, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France etc). His creations are many (full bio HERE).