TIR Danza - 30 August 5:00 PM - Teatro Doglio via Logudoro, 32

concept and choreography by Giuseppe Vincent Giampino

performance by Giuseppe Vincent Giampino
vocal coach Juliana Azevedo
sound dimension Lady Maru
outfit design Rebecca Ihle
production TIR Danza
duration: 15 minutes

Umlaut unravels the knots that hold together the parts of a body and its idea to expose the storm that agitates it. Considering each body, object or physical space as a container of a given specific period of time, a geological stratification of living beings “in relation to” (dance), the author attempts to bring out, through performative places, the attributes and attributions that arise from the interrelation of the elements considered: a mobile field of coexistence. To do this, the process uses voice and sound as the preferred binary to bring out relationship dynamics in which the body becomes a membrane connecting the inside (voice) with the outside (moving field). This body-membrane is a kettledrum with the ability to vibrate not only in response to the outside but also by carrying vibrations from the inside to the outside, becoming an additional surface of simultaneity. In order to broaden the field of possibilities for interaction and knowledge, the author aims to study the body and its possibilities through the physical discipline of circus performers, convinced that this body practice can foster modes of perception and possibilities of the body in space as well as nurturing different choreographic possibilities.

2022 Umlaut, second studio / production by TIR Danza 2022 The red thing presented in Rome at Teatro India, Akropolis Festival Genova 2021 Umlaut - first studio - production by TIRDanza, Teatri di Vetro 2021 The red thing, first studio co-production TIRDanza / Atacama Co-creation with Riccardo Guratti, Teatri di Vetro 2021/20 ff_fortissimo - production by TIR Danza. Presented at: Teatri di Vetro 2019, Teatri di Vetro 2020 and Short Theater 2021 2021/19 Virtual² - production by TIR Danza, Co-production by Residance XL Network Anticorpi XL presented at: Teatro Florida Florence 2021, NID Platform 2019/Openstudios, Teatro Comunale di Ferrara 2019, Teatri di Vetro 2019 2020 Vacantes first studio - Production: TIR Danza and Fabbrica Europa Teatri di Vetro Roma 2020, Fabbrica Europa 2020 2019/18 Extended symmetry presented at Gender Bender Festival Bologna 2019, Europa Teatri Parma 2019 Interplay Festival Torino, Civitanova danza 2019, Project Festival Milan 2019, Festival Ammutinamenti Ravenna, Vetrina Danza d’autore 2018 2016/15 Panda Express, nominated for the “Prix jardin d’Europe” 2017, Dutchtour 2016, presented at the Frascati theatre in Amsterdam and at Ufer Studios Berlin 2015 2015 This is Pop, presented at the Frascati Theatre and the Amsterdam Festival 2015