COMPAGNIA SIMONA BUCCI - 18 September 12:00 PM

A discrete protagonist is a story of an instant, an instant of the time that is out of joint, or before the time itself, in which balance and symmetry get broken to let the time start.
No bang, no sound, just a temporary vibration in the air.
Symmetry shatters, and unfocused presences overlap, mingle. They change and turn into a constant expansion.
They are remains and scattered fragments which in a fluid space try to reassemble in shapes dictated by geometric relationships creating always different ones.
From exploring the recent discoveries about the origins of the universe, we wondered how a new vision of the world could re-shape the way in which we perceive, relate to and tell about ourselves, and how the dance language could play the changings that regulates the extremely delicate balance of our existence.

• Credits

project Alessandra Paoletti & Damiano Ottavio Bigi

performers Damiano Ottavio Bigi & Lukasz Przytarski

light designer Evina Vassilakopoulou

sound design David Blouin

company Compagnia Simona Bucci/Degli Istanti

in co-production with il FUNARO/Pistoia

supported by 2WORKS/DIMITRIS PAPAIOANNOU, Fabbrica Europa / PARC Performing
Arts Research Centre – Firenze “LAUF GEHT’S“ / Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein Westfalen, Teatro-Biblioteca Quarticciolo
– Roma

Alessandra Paoletti and Damiano Ottavio Bigi start their collaboration with the “Yuvaya Dönmek, Babam için - Back Home, to my father” project for 'Istanbul Municipal Theater' in 2013. Since then, they have been carrying out an educational and creative project by meeting people coming from different cultural and artistic experiences. They have created together “Marion”, a show inside a project named “Il posto dei racconti” edited by Mimmo Cuticchio and based on ‟ Orlando Innamorato” by Matteo Maria Boiardo. With dancer Africa Manso Asensio “Jamón en alquiler”, performance presented at Festival of Laval "Le Chaînon Manquant" and Biarritz ”Le Temps d ’ aimer ”. Our work is on the border between theatre, dance and visual arts, in a research that starts from the discovery of the inner worlds and the fantastic universe of everyone. By melting our different skills, we investigate the essential elements of creation from time to time to process and melt them, creating new forms of relationships and new perspectives on the body articulation in space and time.