NID New Italian Dance Platform
Reggio Emilia 10-13 October 2019

NID Platform
A taste of dance – Assaggi di danza


We invite you to take advantage of the chance NID Platform offers to sample Emilia’s proverbial cuisine. Sample the local delicacies on the menus below prepared expressly by selected bistros and restaurants in Reggio Emilia.

May these traditional dishes and innovative recipes based on the region’s cherished ingredients accompany you on a savory discovery of the territory!

The establishments conventionalized with NID Platform make the following proposals: 


Caffè Arti e Mestieri 
Via Emilia San Pietro 16

MENÙ NID – € 50,00

Spinach quiche (erbazzone) or creamy squash tortelli dumplings
Bacon, roots, and tubers (potatoes)
Our “classic” custard sponge cake 
Spergola and Lambrusco Reggiano red wine

NID pass holders are entitled to a 10% discount on à la carte menu selections


Ghirba – biosteria della Gabella 
Via Roma 76

MENÙ NID – € 9,00 – € 27,00

One or more plates at choice:
Vegetarian platter with seasonal vegetables
Vegan platter with seasonal vegetables
Buffalo steak burger (locally raised)
Small/Large beer or wine by glass 


Via Ponte Besolario 2/E

MENÙ NID – € 15,00

Dish of the day
Spinach quiche (erbazzone)
Cake of the day 

Fresh smoothies/Glass of wine/Craft beer


Interno TRE 
Via Blasmatorti 1 C

MENÙ NID – € 20,00

Hummus and falafel
Venus black rice curry and vegetables
Fresh cheesecake
Glass of wine

NID pass holders are entitled to a 10% discount on à la carte menu selections


Ristorante delle Notarie
Via Aschieri 4

MENÙ NID – € 30,00

Tricolor tortelli dumplings
Sliced beef steak with rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
Chocolate cake
2 glasses of Lambrusco Reggiano red wine, mineral water, and coffee

NID pass holders are entitled to a 10% discount on à la carte menu selections


Spumanteria all’Opera 
Galleria Cavour 8-8/A

NID menu, Proposal 1 – € 25.00  

Autumn salad (valerian, green apple, toasted walnuts, pomegranate grains, Parmigiano cheese flakes and traditional balsamic vinegar)
“Tour of Reggio” tortelli dumplings
Chocolate cake with mascarpone cream
2 glasses of wine
Water and coffee


NID menu, Proposal 2 – € 28.00  

Mixed hors d’oeuvres:  mini buffalo tartare, fried cod tidbits, toast with Parmigiano cheese cream 
Hand-rolled cappelletti dumplings in broth 
Traditional mixed vegetable pies
2 glasses of wine
Water and coffee

*The list of “A taste of dance – Assaggi di danza” participating restaurants and bistros is growing steadily. Check regularly to see all every new proposal!