Organisation NID 2024

The Municipal Theatre of Vicenza Foundation was established in 2007 to manage Vicenza’s Municipal Theatre, the “new” theatre that the City of Vicenza had been awaiting for 60 years. It is a private-law body that performs a public culture service; it interacts with institutional, public and private interlocutors, both from local areas and at a national level, to create an artistic schedule of quality live shows and cultural events, to meet the needs of diverse audiences, in an ever-changing social context.

The founding members are the Municipality of Vicenza, the Veneto Region and the Cariverona Foundation, Intesa Sanpaolo as a supporting member; along with them a partnership was established with local institutions and companies that followed and supported the Foundation’s evolution, sharing the mission of turning Everyone’s Theatre into a place where stakeholders coming from other “ecosystems” can feel at home and contribute to creating value for the Community.


The Foundation’s main activity includes planning and managing the artistic season of the Municipal Theatre, a bill with over 100 events that include all kinds of shows: dance, prose, symphonic and chamber music, new circus, cabaret, pop and rock concerts, light opera and musicals, cinema, events that can draw an audience of about 100,000 spectators per year.

For seven years the Foundation has been holding the Danza in Rete Festival | Vicenza – Schio, the Festival promoted with the Schio Civic Theatre Foundation, dedicated to choreutic art in all its forms, which over the years has become a reference point for the young generations of Italian and international dancers and choreographers, recognised by the Italian Ministry of Culture ever since its first edition.

Apart from live events, the Foundation is involved, with the support of the institutions (the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Veneto Region) in projects of artistic residencies to promote young artists, new paths of multidisciplinary research and theatre companies, new circus and dance from the nearby local areas. Every year it activates many educational projects (#tcvieducational) for audiences of all ages (from 0 to 90 years old) and audience development and audience engagement journeys, led by professional operators.

The Foundation, commissioned by the Municipality of Vicenza, is also involved in the planning and management of the most important artistic and cultural projects of the City such as the New Conversations – Vicenza Jazz jazz festival, at its 28th edition in 2024, which is usually held in May; the Series of Classical plays at the Teatro Olimpico at its 77th edition in 2024, held in autumn (September and October) in the most ancient indoor theatre in the world, designed by Andrea Palladio, and the exhibitions in the Basilica Palladiana.

Arteven - Regional Multidisciplinary Circuit

Since 1979 ARTEVEN has been taking theatre and culture to the Communities in Veneto. It is a public-law body that is recognised by the Veneto Region as a Regional Theatre Circuit and as a Multidisciplinary Circuit by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and of Tourism. As a public-initiative Circuit it organises live shows of theatre, dance and music, and since 2018 also contemporary circus, in theatres, rooms or multi-purpose spaces. Arteven works in accordance with and in collaboration with 100 associates, which include over 90 municipalities, the Veneto Region, the Metropolitan City of Venice and other public and private subjects. Over the past year the programming of over 1,300 events in multidisciplinary shows and projects reaffirms its relevance in the regional and national theatre system. Arteven is the partner of major networks that support young artists. Its ordinary activities go hand in hand with the promotion of theatre culture among the new generations, also through active participation in and out of school. The goal is to bring live shows to the small and large squares of Veneto, which are considered a cultural asset with a major educational and social value, through project initiatives created, designed and shared in synergy with every single player.